Keto Arts Celebration Project

What do you want to say about the diet?

Who is putting the project together?

My name is Andy Wild and I have been using the ketogenic diet for 2 years. I am an artist and I live with my wife and young daughter in the north west of England. For me, the diet has really helped with my seizure control and has given me a lot more energy. This makes life a lot more enjoyable – now I can even run around the park with our six year old!

Because of the limitations on my time I may not be able to respond to individual emails. If I find there are frequently asked questions then I will put a page on the website to help answer those questions, so I still want to hear from you!

You can e-mail me at:

On the Ketogenic diet I can still enjoy the ordinary pleasures in life like sitting down to a meal with my family. Some time ago ‘A short film about the Ketogenic diet and me’ was made, and you can watch it by clicking on either the picture, or the link above.

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