Keto Arts Celebration Project

What do you want to say about the diet?

Who should do it?

Everyone, and anyone, who has some experience of the diet.

We want the website to reflect the huge range of people involved with the ketogenic diet: from adults to children; from ‘patients’ to carers and clinicians; from people using the diet for epilepsy across to cancer. If you have something to show, then we want to show it!

When should I do it?

As soon as you can.

The website is up and running, and as time allows we will be putting pictures of the postcards online. As this project is being run on a voluntary basis by me, with some help from a friend, it might take a bit of time before the postcards go online. Therefore, the earlier you send in the postcards, the more time we will have to get the postcards on to the website.

What will happen with my postcard?

Your postcard will be shown online, in an album on a public gallery website, that is specifically dedicated to the project. In addition, we aim to put a selection of postcards in exhibitions.


Regrettably, we will not be able to return your postcard, but we hope you will enjoy its presence online.

We reserve the right not to publish a postcard if we deem it unsuitable for the project.

Why use postcards?

To make it easier for people to contribute to the project, and to make it easier to hold an exhibition, that shows many different views in different types of venue.

The intention is to not only have a website dedicated to the postcards, but to also put a selection of them in exhibitions. As an artist I have found that the way in which you set up an exhibition is really important. The idea is to get the viewer to engage with the work that is being shown, and I think that using postcards is one way of doing this.

We are inundated with emails; so a postcard is rarer, has an actual physical substance, and takes some effort to produce ... all things that can make a viewer more engaged with what you have to show. (If we had postmarks from different countries that would also be great).

It is also a fairly easy and cheap way to get people to contribute to the project, and an exhibition of postcards is an easily portable and compact body of work to show in different venues. It also restricts the contribution from a single individual, and so allows many different pieces of work to be shown.

It might be argued that postcards could be submitted electronically and then printed off, but we are doing this with no money (nor do we want any), and so paying for printing costs is not an option.

If, however, you want to make your postcard online there are companies that offer a service that allows you to produce your postcard electronically, that will then be printed and posted for you.

There is a cost to this, and I am not recommending any particular company; but if you want to explore this avenue, then you can put ‘postcards by post’ into your internet search engine, and you should come up with some companies that offer this service.


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